Whitehall Tornado

Publiziert am 3. Oktober 2014 von

Tornado bei der Whitehall

Never mind biblical proportions, this epic storm is of filmic proportions, as real life imitates Hollywood’s top tornado and onlookers run for their lives. As the UK climate changes more extreme weather conditions become a regular feature of life in the UK. Trafalgar Square is a both a symbol and gathering place for Londoners with Nelsons column, the pigeons, New Years Eve celebrations, London’s red buses etc. It’s appeared in hundreds of films, most memorably for us as the view from Harry Palmers boss’s office in the classic ’Ipcress File’. An early visual reference was Norman Parkinson’s 1949 ‘New Look’ photograph taken from the terrace of the National Gallery. Two models (one his wife) stand silhouetted on the terrace framed between two columns. Behind them, in the London mist, looms Nelson’s column. We took a wider view to capture the scale and energy of the Tornado tearing up Whitehall.

Hanno Groth